Benefits of being writer.

Writing is a skill and a profession that not everyone has. But, did you know it helps the person and others around them? Here are some benefits of being a writer:

- It’s rewarding. When writing about something it makes the reader feel good and strong emotions of happiness or sorrow throughout their experience. Being able to help someone else through your writings can give you great satisfactions. If you get mad, instead of blowing up at someone, write! You somewhere down the line find peace within yourself after letting out what’s bothering you. Write down these feelings on paper, keep quiet about it and watch how they melt away. This would benefit your family and friends more than yelling at them (which causes more problems than they were worth in the first place). Self-expression is a great way to deal with your emotions.

- It’s very educational. Writing not only affects the person who writes, but others around them as well. You can learn new things when you read about someone elses experiences.

-It’s relaxing . When all hell breaks loose in our lives, it’s time to write! Write every little detail down on paper and see how relaxed you feel after putting everything down on paper. Sometimes writing is like having a conversation with yourself or reading out loud what you’ve written. There are no rules in writing which makes it more freeing for anyone who wants to express themselves through writings without limitations of being censored.

- It’s fun. The word “fun” doesn’t mean what you think it means, it’s more like something that causes happiness or enjoyment. If you are a writer you can share your experiences with others while writing them down on paper. Try looking at the positive side of things, instead of the negative. Turn any kind of situation into something fun by simply changing your view on it!

- It’s good for health . According to research, when someone writes about their past experiences in detail it benefits their brain and makes them stronger physically and emotionally. People who write have happier lives because they don’t hold onto bad feelings anymore after releasing them through writings. Being able to pick up the pen every day is another way of staying healthy.

- It’s good for relationships. Writing about your feelings is a great way to break the ice and begin communication with people you care about. If there’s someone you’ve lost contact with (or want to get closer) write them a letter or email detailing how you feel about certain things or events, feelings are sometimes better understood when they are put down on paper without being judged by any outsider other than yourself.

- It’s helpful in business . When you create an idea for business, writing it down on paper helps solidify the concept so everything runs smoothly later on down the road. If someone has a story to tell then they can sell that information through writings which will help them financially. Writing about business is great for future plans and it’s also a way to increase your knowledge on the subject.

- It’s satisfying. Like anything else in life, if you put hard work into something then you will feel satisfied with the results! Think of writing as a hobby or something you do everyday to share with others. Stop comparing yourself to other people because eventually, their bad days are going to be better than yours are now! There is no competition when it comes to writing because everyone writes differently depending on how they feel at that moment in time. The only thing that matters is that the writer is satisfied with their own writings which leads us back to being one with themselves again…

-It helps answer questions . When you write you can answer questions for yourself, like if there’s something you want to know why doesn’t someone else? Sometimes you might find the answers in your writings or it might make you think of people whom you should contact (or even meet)!

- It’s good therapy . Writing what’s on your mind makes it easier to understand yourself. You can release any kind of emotions through writing about them which helps calm down the anger that was built up inside. There are no limitations when writing so remember that sometimes, anything goes!

-It’s good exercise . Just like making pottery or drawing, writing is also a great way to stay active and healthy. It keeps our muscles working means we don’t have to go far from our homes for a workout. The strongest people are not always the ones who lift weights for hours at a time, sometimes they are the ones who write about their feelings and also express them through words not actions …

- It’s exciting . Writing brings new experiences to life which is exciting! When you’re feeling down or want to feel alive again simply pick up that pen and start writing anything that comes into your mind. Creativity doesn’t come out of nowhere because those thoughts have been around since before we were born so it’s only now being released…

-It sounds hard but it’s easy too because you can do whatever you want! There are no rules in writing so let your imagination run wild and use it to your advantage. Writing is about stimulating the brain and learning how to express yourself in a way that others could understand without having to tell them anything in person (that’s why we like writing stories or sending letters)!

-It benefits health . Some people say writing helps relieve stress, I mean if you don’t write what’s bothering you then where else will you find someone who can sympathize with your situation? The best place would probably be where other writers meet and exchange their writings which could help in the matter! Stress is not good for anyone so stop thinking of yourselves as different when there are plenty of other people out there just like you who could also benefit from writing…




Author,Digital marketing enthusiast,content creator ,web development.I enjoy staying up-to date on all the latest trends

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Author,Digital marketing enthusiast,content creator ,web development.I enjoy staying up-to date on all the latest trends

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